Wee Flowers
The absolutely fabulous darling of pop art is Wee Flowers. Her work is predominantly portraiture square ratio format, painted acrylic flat colour, but may include other materials such as glitter as seen in this piece of Sylivie Schuerer. Although some of the images are of real people, both famous and infamous, many are figments of Wee's delectable imagination created through a montage of facial parts mixed and matched from magazine cut outs of fashion models or celebrities. Wee's work captures the bold and dynamic culture of youth pop and rock culture in all its enigmatic beauty demanding adoration from the viewer. When Wee is not making art on canvas she is spinning disks with Sylvie, AKA DJs Smith & Weston, in the depths of Berlin's nightclub scene. If you want to catch Wee's next exhibition, or commission a piece of her work, please visit her website.