Philosophy Of Games
The Olympic games are the greatest gaming events of our civilisation because a very deep philosophy of games was developed at their heart by the ancient Greeks. Tucked away in a corner of an Athenian library Eva and I found a university publication on the ancient Greek philosophy of play and the Olympic games. Nowadays few people are interested to know about the original reason for the Olympics and why they were such an important element of Greek culture, today we are more excited by the spectacle and the results alone. The core philosophy of the games is the celebration in the quality of life through play. Although a great achievement, simply coming first was not the sole objective. The ancient Greeks were obsessed with the beauty of form, movement and the grace of any particular activity. In games and play the ancient Greeks found a way to worship physical elitism and quality of life in a single gesture. An athlete who could epitomise the essence of this philosophy through his grace and competitive superiority was truly a hero to be celebrated.