OK the CV picture is a bit big, but then he was always a bit egotistic, then again you probably have to be if you're going to take on a task like this one. A brief history of Tim's background from ground up now follows.

Tim was born in London, Islington. From a very early age Tim was, like many of us, obsessed with games. At the age of 3 he regularly recruited his nursery classmates into games that are too fiendish to mention here, needless to say they often got him into trouble of some sort. Role playing games were high on his agenda, be it doctors and nurses or super heroes and super villains.

At 8 he began to play more formal games like chess, but once he had finally beaten his father at the same, he felt satisfied to move on to the next challenge. This is perhaps where Tim first learnt that when a challenge is met it must be completed.

It was around the same time that he first encountered Space Invaders on a school trip. This was truly a unique experience and wholly addictive. From here on video games would flow in and out of Tim's life on a constant basis, whether at home or down the dodgy arcades. Nothing could stop Tim pumping all his money into the machines until they were conquered or worse still to keep up the daily high score.

A few years later at the age of 10 Tim got heavily into RPG dice games. Wielding imaginary swords of magic against giants and dragons was where it was at, Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Paranoia or Call of Cuthulu, they all had to be played. Becoming the Dungeon Master was where it all changed round as Tim took to organising every aspect of the chosen fantasy world and characters. Tim became increasingly obsessed with the creation of entire worlds from the overall conception down to the smallest details. These games truly allowed the full freedom of expression and experimentation the boy craved.

In the end it all became too consuming of his time, at 13 boys tend to wake up to their gender and want to move on. Girls were now much more important to getting ahead in life and D&D just isn't cool or an exciting enough prospect for building a short-term relationship, playing jazz, funk and rock piano were much more useful for this endeavour. The BBC Acorn, ZX81, C64, Atari VCS were an ideal way to keep in touch with games but not take weeks of preparation to begin as RPGs did, although it must be said tape loading games were the bane of any games player.

At 18 Tim got married, although he had vowed he never would. Whilst at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design he became a sculptor and animator where he learnt that Fine Art was a brilliant outlet for all his concepts however stupid they may have seemed. This environment also helped Tim to understand how anything can be achieved as long as he persevered and put his full weight behind an idea. Tim believes that all good artists have the capability to adapt to any new situation that confronts them, be it creative, logistical, technical or otherwise. This conviction and unwavering self belief meant Tim would always be a self starter. Tim learned the power of creation, to generate something from nothing, was and still is the most powerful motivation in his life. Tim's philosophy is that dreams should always become reality or the reality is not worth dreaming about.

After 4 years at CSM it was time to get a job and stop being a poor student. It was a difficult time when the animation industry had just collapsed probably not the first and certainly not the last time it had happened. Tim entered competitions with his stop-motion-animated film "The Moth" and chased funding for new films, but it just wouldn't come together.

That is until 1 amazing week when his animation won an award, he passed his driving test and got a job as paper illustrator at a video game development company called Bits. At 23 Tim never imagined that a job could be had making games for a living, it had never crossed his mind in all these years that people actually made video games. Well perhaps he's not the sharpest tool in the box.

This was an exciting although stressful 3 years of working 7 days a week on up to 3 projects at a time. These were the 16bit days of Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo SNES. For many who join the video game industry, the first years in it are some of the best. Tim thrived on new challenges and overcoming what at times seemed to be insurmountable odds. The best thing about video games for Tim was that he could articulate so many forms of expression in 2D, 3D visual and physical space, sound, music, lights, camera, interaction, story telling, characterisation, landscape, animation, abstract concepts and worlds, not forgetting gameplay were all just a part of making games. Tim met some great people at Bits and has fond memories of all its highly individual employees. Bits churned out lots of games and even did 2 original titles on the PC. Tim had progressed to the position of Game Designer and Producer, had a taste for working in Hollywood and began to hatch his own ideas for world domination.

Tim left Bits to start a new company called M4 Limited with James Cox Technical Director. Tim, James, Kieron and all the others at M4 battled away for 7 years, again creating a lot of games, but sadly never quite succeeding in selling an original title, the first reason for starting up in the first place. This was a greatly rewarding experience for Tim, to know and understand from beginning to end how a game is conceived, budgeted, developed and published. Tim was truly proud to work alongside such an impeccable group of game developers who were all so passionate about their work. M4 became a founding member of TIGA (The Independent Game Developers Association) backed by the government and now making some serious contributions in bringing tax breaks for investors into games. It has all come a long way from an innocent joy of playing games to the big financial muscle of the city.

M4 has now closed and all its members have moved on. Tim and James founded STUNTPIGS Limited to finally find a way to market with 2 original game titles STUNTPIGS ™ and SPACE CADETS ™.

Now after many months of planning Tim has finally come to the conclusion that it is high time he saw more of the world and the games that belong to us all. So he's jumping on his motorcycle for a romantic journey of a lifetime to research and document at least 1 game in each country that he visits. What lies ahead is very much unknown, potentially life threatening, but bound to be the most rewarding act of his life.