Children from one school or community group in each country Tim visits will have the opportunity to make their own short film. The film will be about any kind of game they choose, street, playground, sport, board, video or even new game they have invented themselves and will explore any aspect of the game they want to follow, game history, culture, rules, psychology or just the simple fun of playing the game.

The benefits to the children and society that experience this workshop phenomenon are privileged to witness a captivating and direct approach to filmmaking. This workshop offers young people a chance to make their own voice heard through the chosen subject matter in the field of; "The Games We Play".

Subject Matter
This workshop is an extension into my research on the subject of Game Play and why it is so important to us all. Not many people take games seriously, and why should they, games are supposed to be about having fun. However, there is a great deal of history, culture and psychology buried behind these fun filled activities that tells us a lot about ourselves. The workshop places a limitation on the subject matter, but unleashes a great wealth of creativity and vitality from young people simply due to the highly interactive and exciting subject of games.

This event gives a group the opportunity to make a short film about a game that they find fun and interesting on many levels. The game may be any kind of game, street, playground, sport, board or even video game. Participants will be given the opportunity to develop a deep interest in a chosen game and explore an understanding of the game's history, culture, rules, psychology and fun of playing the game.

It is advisable that any participating group should do some preliminary research before the Pre-Production phase of the workshop begins. The group can investigate games that they enjoy, find out about where they come from and if they have any interesting stories that surround them.

Students are encouraged to make a film about any aspect of a game they find interesting. It may an instruction about how to play the game, historical documentary, drama within or surrounding a game, or about the social makeup of people who play the game. The opportunities for creativity are endless.

Target Group
This event is targeted at those with no experience in filmmaking. There is no age limit, though a preference will be given to those between 8 and 16 in classes no greater than 30 students. This event is most suited to educational and community groups that want their students to have an opportunity to experience the art of storytelling through the powerful medium of film and video.

Duration & Result
The workshop takes place over 3-4days where all aspects of making a short film and its subject matter are covered. At the end of the process a complete short film is produced, ready to screen. Ideally participating schools will allow students to do this workshop twice because results show the second film is markedly better due to the students' complete understanding of the process and the potential for expression.