Tim will be writing, drawing, photographing and filming a travelogue of his quest for gameplay.

The travelogue is intended to be a non-celebrity, person to people, undercover, grass roots personal discovery, observation and record of diverse people and the games we play around the world .

During his journey Tim will draw the first cartographic map of games, both ancient and modern, that span the globe, revealing stories of the greatest games ever conceived and why they are still with us today.

The games we play are a fundamental building block of our civilization's history, culture and psyche. From the school playground to the home console we will learn firsthand what makes a great game, why games are good for us, and what they tell us about ourselves, as well as being lots of fun.

The Power Of Game-Play
Playing games is one of the first things that we and the rest of the animal kingdom learn to do. It is our primal urge to learn about our surroundings as fast as possible that leads us to playing games. With games we quickly discover our mental, physical and emotional limitations. Games teach us how to move, think, create, destroy, love, hate and communicate at every level of understanding. Games are one of the most important things we ever learn to create. Game-Play is perhaps the most universal and lucrative language we know. To bestow this language is to know unlimited dreams and riches. Sharing is the key.

The Journey
Tim's story will follow a continuous trail overland that tracks the historical, cultural and emotional importance of games. Tim will traverse the migration of great games in search of the most addictive game-play known to mankind. Vital interviews will be made with players and designers of games on location natural to a game's origin. In Africa Tim will meet children who play ancient bead games handed down by generations of their peers, In Japan he will meet fellow game designers such as Shigeru Miyamoto who are responsible for inventing games of our future.

What at first appears to be an impromptu adventure is actually a thoroughly researched and well-planned exploration of the unreported world of gaming that wraps us in many layers of its culture.

Ultimately the prime attributes of Game-Play will be found in us all, but it takes a bold and ambitious adventurer to find the journey's end.

The Format
Tim intends to turn this adventure into a book and TV series. We will have to wait and see if his aspirations become a reality.