There are very few people and even fewer organisations that understand and support a mission like Tim's. Synapse Center is one of those rare organisations lead by a man, Cire Kane who understands and supports the creation of real life dreams.

Synapse is dedicated to nurturing new leaders and their aspirations for business and the development of their country. Synapse has a head office in Senegal which Tim was invited to use as a workplace during his stay in Senegal. Not only did Synapse provide Tim with workspace, but also living space in homes of Cire's family in Dakar and Thies.

"This kind of hospitality is almost unheard of in Europe or the "west", but in Senegal it is close to common place. Cire has made me feel a part of his family and organisation to the point that I feel this could be my home. Truly wonderful!" Tim Hull 2005-02-05

It was here at Synapse that Tim was able to utilise some of his talents to aid others during his journey. Tim made the short film "New Leaders" that is used as a presentation material for Synapse events and meetings.