Tim is proud to be a founding member of TIGA (The Independent Game Developers Association).

When M4 was given the opportunity to become a founder of such a worthwhile organisation, Tim Hull and James Cox, M4's directors, knew it was a valuable step forward in making game developers a recognised and respected voice of business.

From The TIGA's Mouth
TIGA is a UK trade association representing the business and commercial interests of Independent Games Developers - those that are not controlled by publishers and whose principal business is the development of games, across any platform.

Since TIGA's launch in March 2001, by the then DTI Minister for e-commerce and small businesses, Patricia Hewitt MP, TIGA has grown from a base of 14 founder members (including: Argonaut, Blitz, Elixir, Intelligent Games, IOMO, Kaboom, Kuju, Lionhead, M4, Rebellion, Smoking Gun, Steel Monkeys, Vis and Wide Games, with the DTI and Osborne Clarke providing legal and other assistance) to over 70 member companies that collectively represent games industry expertise right across the industry.

The games development industry is one of the UK's great success stories.

The industry is still young. Uniform standards and tailored further education courses are rare. Most would agree that while the industry remains fragmented it will be difficult for it to achieve the recognition and benefits currently available to many other creative industries. It is a commonly held belief in certain sectors that the industry is both immature and somewhat anarchic. This is fundamentally wrong, but correcting this impression is not an easy task. One key step in addressing these issues is the formation of TIGA.

TIGA has been successfully active in developing a single voice for the games industry in order to raise the bargaining power of the UK developer community. TIGA has already promoted transparency between all specialists within the industry - supporting communication between developers and those that provide services to them: legal and tax, human resources; software development and enabling technologies; hardware and publishing.

TIGA is the voice of the UK Independent Games Developers Community.

Mobile SIG
Tim is also the originator of TIGA's Mobile/Wireless Special Interest Group. The SIG was started with a view of bringing game developers for mobile platforms together and help forge a common voice in their market place. This was an essential movement to help bring some continuity to a fragmented business model and help developers to understand their full potential. The mobile SIG is still very much valid today when technologies and business models are still in their former years.