Sands Of Enigma
These lovely images, direct from the Mauritanian border, portray a game of Seig kicking off. The nomadic mathematical strategy game was discovered by Tim Hull, the former developer, and M4 and TIGA co-founder, who is travelling around the world on a motorbike looking for clues about culture and gameplay in the indigenous forms of play he encounters on route. Hull's 'Quest for Gameplay' has seen him take a year and a lot of pitstops to get through Western Europe and North Africa. On the way he is raising awareness for UNICEF's Right To Play campaign. Some 250 million children are child labourers, engaged in debt bonding, prostitution or war rather than carefree game playing. "Seig is beautifully crafted in the sand, and enigmatically mimics the dunes of the surrounding desert in its construction," said Hull. "I fell in love with the social etiquette of women playing Seig."