EFFA 2006 Debut "Awale Kings "
Tim Hull's globaltimoto series is making its first appearance at a film festival, EFFA, Environmental Film Festival of Accra.

EFFA will premiere the latest instalment of the globaltimoto series, "Awale Kings".

Awale is a prehistoric game originating in Central West Africa. It was used by great chiefs and kings as a decision making tool due to its highly meditative properties.

In this film, children of Kela village recreate the history of how 2 kings played Awale at a pivotal moment in the foundation of the Great Malian Empire.

NAFTI (Accra)
2006-04-05 18:00 - 20:00
1. Awale Kings - Awale
2. Dancing Baobab - Njom

Alliance Francaise (Accra)
2006-04-07 19:30 - 21:30
1. Sands of Enigma - Seig