Game Developer On A Quest For Gameplay
On September 15th Tim Hull, UK game designer, company director and founding member of TIGA, will be leaving Trafalgar Square on his motorcycle, for a challenge that will take him all over the world, to over 40 countries covering more than 30,000 miles, all in a quest for gameplay.

Tim's exploration is his personal mission to seek out, uncover, observe and record diverse people and the games we play around the world. During his journey Tim will draw the first cartographic map of games, both ancient and modern, that span the globe, revealing stories of the greatest games ever conceived and why they are still with us today.

"The games we play are a fundamental building block of our civilization's history, culture and psyche. From the school playground to the home console I will learn firsthand what makes a great game, why games are good for us, and what they tell us about ourselves, as well as being lots of fun."

"This is also a wonderful opportunity for me to give something back from the game industry to those children who deserve much more from life. I believe every child has the right to play" Tim Hull

Tim is fundraising for charity. The "Right To Play" appeal is Tim's effort to raise funds for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), focusing on their 'End Child Exploitation' campaign. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children have a right to play (Article 31). Sadly though, an estimated 250 million children around the world are "Child Labourers", employed in activities harmful to their healthy development, with little or no experience in the innocence of play. Tim's 'Right to Play' appeal will help UNICEF reach out to these children, giving them the chance to transform their futures by providing support including but not limited to education and play.

UNICEF believes that education and play are critical to a child's development and especially to children recovering from a traumatic experience. Play helps to nurture some sense of normality in abnormal situations. Consequently UNICEF provides all important toys and games as part of a recreational package included in their Early Childhood Development programs.

TIGA is a UK trade organisation representing the makers of computer and video games and is making a firm commitment to support Tim's cause.

"TIGA are pleased to join forces with Tim and make Right To Play its official appeal for charity representing the hearts and minds of independent game developers." Fred Hasson

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For direct contact with UNICEF call: Rose Nelson +44(0)20 8693 8561