Journey for the Right to Play
Computer games designer Tim Hull has turned his back on ahi-tech career to undertake a round-the-world charity ride on his Triumph Thunderbird.

Tim only learned to ride a year ago, after he had come up with the idea of travelling the globe to research the different games people play. On the way he will raise funds for the 'Right To Play' charity which supports UNICEF's 'End Child Exploitation' campaign. "Although the UN Convention states that 'All children have a right to play', there are sadly over 250 million child labourers in the world, so I felt it was important to support UNICEF's work," said Tim. Four months into the trip, Tim has travelled through Europe, crossing five countries in 5000 miles and logging a series of local games on the way. But the trip hasn't been without incident. "When I unintentionally sped past border guards in the Czech Republic, I got the shock of my life as sirens whirred and lights flashed in my mirrors," he said. "After some heated discussion and brandishing of weapons, my passport was returned to me with a contempt reserved for a madman on a motorcycle researching games. 'Next time you see STOP sign at a border, do not ignore us!' they warned."

You can make a donation to 'Right to Play' at or call +44(0)20 8693 8561.