Right to Play Ride Continues
Computer games designer Tim Hull, after learning to ride just a year ago, is on his way around the world researching the different games that people play and raising funds for the 'Right To Play' charity which supports UNICEF's 'End Child Exploitation' campaign. His journey through Europe continues on his Thunderbird not, as he recounts, without its ups and downs…

"I foolishly failed to check weather conditions before crossing the Alps between Milan and BrianÁon, where I subsequently slipped during my climb on fresh snow and came crashing down. There were no broken bones, just a dent in my pride and a fear of snow-tipped mountains. Weeks later I did hesitate at a crossroads, but figured the best way to overcome my fear was to try again, this time with the Pyrenees. Luckily there was just enough road clear of snow to allow me safe passage over the mountains between Montpellier and the idyllic Santa Pau, a beautifully protected volcanic region of Catalunya in Spain. It was here where I found we could all learn a thing or two from the 250 yearold game and tradition of Castellers, the art of human castle building. The Catalan people come together from miles around to build human castles as many as 10 people high. Hundreds of folk of all ages participate, from the incredibly brave 6-year-old summit climbing Líaxanetas to the veteran 60-year-old stalwarts helping form La Pinya, the solid base fortification of the castle. Although it happens rarely these castles can be fallible to collapse, so you can be sure the kinfolk work extra hard to stop young ones taking a premature bow!"

If you want to make a donation to 'Right to Play' you can at:

http://www.unicef.org.uk/right-to-play or call +44(0)20 86938561