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Captured: 2004-05-15 ~ 2004-05-28
Duration: 9:01
Tétouan تطوان, Morocco Morocco flag

In this video children teach us to play Dinifri, an example of Berber ability to adapt and react to ever-changing conditions, as a fluid group of brave individuals.

Dinifri is a game of outdoor team play, bravery and physical dexterity amidst a continuous flow of a strangely ordered chaos.

In The Chaos Of Dinifri - Screenshot


This video wouldn't have been possible without the help of the children of the Centre Anjal, who are victims of broken homes or other circumstances that prevented them from living a normal childhood. Yet they were more than willing to participate in a game of Dinifri to prove they were not to be beaten by their circumstances.

Children Of Centre Anjal On Field of Play

I would never have met these fearless children without having first met Marc Konrad and his partner Leticia Landa who were living in Chefchaouen at the time.

Leti & Marc

And I would not have met Marc & Leticia if it hadn't been for first meeting Madi and Alvaro, friends of theirs also living in Chefchaouen and who were gracious enough to put me up in their home after seeing the state of the auberge I was staying in when we first met.

Alvaro & Madi



Children of the Centre Anjal, Tétouan


Berber Marriage
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Mohammed Bahaj Marc Konrad Hicham


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Tim Jules Hull

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Mohammed Balous Abderahman Ben El Ahmar Miren Mundz Zohra B'air Madi Canals Halewijn Alvaro Sanchez Lopez Yassia El Mourtaz Leticia Landa Ali Messaoudi Ahmed Slami Yousra Jaond

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