Glide With Purity

Padang Galak, Bali, Indonesia Indonesia flag
Captured: 2018-07-30 ~ 2018-11-11
Published: 2018-11-11
Duration: 20:37

In this video participants of Layang-layang festivals in Bali, collaborate to build and fly their kites in honour of their Balinese Hindu god, Rare Angon.


This video was made possible with the gracious assistance of Kadek "Deck Sotto" Suprapta, who introduced me to his banjar Dengin Peken and their enormous, in fact largest kite in Indoensia, whilst it was being prepared for its 2018 flight.

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Kadek "Sotto" preparing for flight at Mertasari beach

Putu Nurhayati became my main contact with kite festivals and teams throughout the season and introduced me to her own unique women's team of Bali.

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Nurhayati's interview in Padanggalak

Her interview is inspiring for all those women who would like to take part and grow women's involvement in the sport, including her daughter Putu Saskia Candragita.

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Saskia and team at Padanggalak

At the very end of my stay in Bali I was lucky enough to meet a venerable and most celebrated organiser of international kite festivals, Nyoman Adnyana, who graced me with his positive outlook on life through the participation of the festivals and the overall notion of self improvement through kite flying.

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Tim with Nyoman after his interview at home

I am so thankful for all the support and enthusiasm that all the kite teams showed me during the festivals, constantly offering me food and much needed refreshments under hours of baking hot sun, without which I might have had another dehydration crisis.

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Small bebean kite doubles as shelter from the sun



Tim Jules Hull


Putu Saskia Candragita Putu Nurhayati Nyoman Adnyana

Introduction Music

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Virgil Howe


Gamelan 01
Banjar Dengin Peken
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Prt Bali


Inriyani Takesan
Putu Nurhayati
Trishna Newson


Indosnesian to English
Inriyani Takesan
Balinese to English
Trishna Newson

Special Thanks

Kadek "Deck Sotto" Suprapta Kadek Newson Sarita Newson Banjar Dengin Peken Bali Layang-layang organisers

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